Words for New Year's 2018

What if there are no resolutions this year? No push to be different. No pressure to change. No constant striving for more growth or being better.

What if, instead, I can relax, knowing I already am who I will be? Imperfect and scared, vulnerable and strong.

What if I no longer need the striving, longing, and searching? And when those feelings come back, as they tend to do even when I think I have let them go, may I welcome them as old friends. Ones I have gotten to know well, who I understand and appreciate, but am not consumed by.

Let this be the year I hold myself tenderly, saying, I made it this far. I am here. I am alive. I am worthy of love.

Let me ponder the vastness of the universe and feel my smallness, in awe of the mystery of life. And ride the waves of it all. The ups and downs. The spirals. The steps sideways, backward and forward.

For this one moment, this one hour, this one day, may I know I am enough.

I am here. I am me. And that is the gift.

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Katherine Grigg, MPC, RSMT is a Pastoral Counselor and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist who is passionate about weaving mindfulness and compassion into everyday life. She sees clients in Berkshire County, Massachusetts and teaches occasional classes and workshops. Her offerings are appropriate for anyone seeking a deeper sense of connection to themselves, their spirituality and/or the world around them. Contact her to learn more or connect with her on facebook