Spiritual Counseling and Somatic Therapy



Do you feel stuck? Are you looking for more meaning and satisfaction in your life? Would you like to feel more connected to yourself and the world around you?

So many of us go through life on auto-pilot and need help to slow down and reconnect. We need help to meet ourselves with loving kindness. When we are disconnected from ourselves, we are not in touch with our deeper knowings, desires and truths. When we go through the motions of our days without paying much attention to our inner world, we may not even be aware of all the subtle ways we treat ourselves harshly.

This lack of love and connection can show up in our lives as physical symptoms, addiction, relationship challenges, a feeling of meaninglessness or career dissatisfaction, to name a few examples. It can feel overwhelming and scary. It can feel like nothing will make a difference.

Whatever your experience is, spiritual counseling and somatic therapy can invite you back into yourself. As you tune into your body and practice noticing what you feel without judgment, something shifts. Your relationship to yourself begins to change. In me, that change has led to feelings of deep connection, openness, softening, aliveness, freedom and coming home.

"Kate works from a place of intuition and heart. She has a deep understanding of the healing and transformational process and brings wisdom beyond her years to each session."     - Stuart Alpert, Pys.D, LCSW, Co-Founder of Hartford Family Institute

If you are one of the millions of people who live with pain on a regular basis, this work can help you learn to relate to your physical discomfort, or any uncomfortable experience, in a different way. Each of us wants to avoid physical and emotional pain. That's our natural inclination. The intensity of our experiences can feel like too much at times. Even in those cases, avoiding our painful experiences does not make them go away. They are somewhere inside of us, held within our muscles , tissues and organs, waiting to be heard, expressed and cared for. By bringing compassion and curiosity to each moment and each experience, we can learn to welcome whatever we are feeling. This is the path to wholeness.

My blend of spiritual counseling and somatic therapy is a mind-body healing modality that has roots in mindfulness, body awareness, spirituality, imagery, subtle energy healing and the expressive arts. It is appropriate for anyone seeking a deeper sense of connection to themselves, their spirituality and/or the world.